TrueNAS® All-Flash and Hybrid Arrays

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TrueNAS is the enterprise version of FreeNAS, the #1 software-defined storage operating system.

Powerfully-Scalable Enterprise Storage


Hybrid or All Flash Array? With TrueNAS, you can have both. TrueNAS M-Series leverages industry-leading cache technology along with ZFS by merging DRAM, nonvolatile memory, and flash (NVDIMM and NVMe/SSD) with high-density spinning disks to deliver low latency flash performance at disk capacity and cost.


TrueNAS maximizes storage efficiency by offering compression, deduplication, and thin provisioning at no extra cost. The TrueNAS Adaptive Compression (TAC) algorithm efficiently boosts storage performance while maximizing storage capacity. TAC intelligently adjusts its compression ratio without wasting system resources. Before data is stored, TrueNAS dynamically detects and compresses what it can and skips over any data too inefficient to be worthwhile.


Data integrity is the name of the game, and TrueNAS leaves nothing about your data to chance. In-flight data corruption is automatically detected and repaired before it ever reaches disk, and bit rot and data decay are identified and scrubbed clean. This ensures data is always pristine.


Most storage appliances require additional licenses for advanced features – but not TrueNAS. Unlimited file version retention, restoration, and replication are at your fingertips. Data is automatically protected locally against unintentional alteration, such as ransomware or malware, with minimal storage consumption. Data can be replicated locally, remotely, or to the cloud for backups or disaster recovery. TrueNAS snapshots can also be coordinated with VMware snapshots.

Meet the demands of mission critical storage applications with TrueNAS

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